More than “one elephant, two elephant”,
in an embrace, a hug, or a cuddle,
without first the recipient’s assent,
represents abuse, said the article.

The time it takes for these words to be breathed,
is all the time allowed reasonably.
Any longer the squeeze, it is believed,
would then be out of order, seemingly.

Three elephants, therefore, one too many.
And four, or more, most definitely so.
Understanding this, elementary.
Not hold too long, must essentially know.

Except if mutual lovers, it’s alright.
Then, as many elephants as you like.


May try importuning and seduction,
even if it’s awkward or mistaken.
May get a favourable reaction,
and that lead to a super sensation.

But, could well be rejected out of hand.
And the rebuff may be a sting to pride.
Be important then, not to take a stand;
to continue, or to show that despise.

‘What’s acceptable’ line must not be crossed.
It must not go across to harassment.
Bitterness must be contained until lost.
No need later to deny the intent.

Consider it water under the bridge.
Remember, but with nothing to forgive.


Stout, and broad in the beam. A pretty face.
Woman who walked passed, and on up the hill.
With brief greeting and a smile, I was graced.
Then she strode on, her upright back revealed.

Handsome. I think that an apt description.
A woman can, for sure, be called handsome.
She was, in her own way, on reflection.
Her posture and presentation, well done.

Not a flimsy girl without much body.
And not one too bulky or too heavy.
Pretty shapely, as far as I could see.
Well-built, I would say, most definitely.

Saw the back of her, striding on her way,
and thought it a magnificent display.


Thank you for keeping your promise to me.
I am delighted we’re here to marry.
This in our lives is extraordinary.
It means together in love we can be.

You have arrived for the ceremony.
You are taking responsibility.
I am here, loving you definitely.
It seems you similarly care for me.

It is as if this is our cathedral,
in which we have agreed to exchange vows.
We’ll sign the register and prove to all,
we’re husband and wife, as the law allows.

I, too, will have kept my promise to you,
to wed, when our simply playing is through.


She presents as a fantastic woman,
the actress dolled-up in a sexy dress.
On-screen tease. I think a sort of ‘come on’.
With her body and face, I am impressed.

To me, she is an image that attracts.
A shapely character, yet illusion.
The matters engaged with, pretends are facts,
but are just scripted words in profusion.

She exists somewhere, but not in this role.
This, just a story. She, just a vision.
Flat on film, not even a rounded whole,
or fully, when put on television.

But she intimates what makes sense to me,
falling within my sensed bounds of beauty.


There is just a glint about somebody
that can be the additional focus.
I have seen silver sparkle as can be.
Gold that gleams on skin or hair, as a plus.

A healthy gene responding to the Sun.
An innate beauty come out in the light.
It does not show-up for everyone,
all the time, but when it does, a delight.

Think of as a diamond’s reflection,
capturing that unique, special, colour.
Be through the eyes, perhaps, on inspection.
Or elsewhere on the face, may discover.

But, mostly it’s the steely shine of stars,
or that golden sheen, as if off gold bars.


Wanted, are encounters with friendliness.
May seem chancy, but basically safe.
Maybe at some time, greet with tenderness,
but stay assured about each other’s place.

Could be a little sexual frisson,
but only an aspect of attraction.
To change the pleasure, not a good reason.
Yet know of its presence, this distraction.

Want to communicate on best of terms.
Have mutual trust that’s dependable.
Goodwill and blessings each of us affirms.
One of us at least, at times, sensible.

Perhaps pertinent to say platonic.
Friendship onward, beyond embryonic.


The way you look should be against the law.
It’s far too beautiful to be allowed.
You know the phrase. Sight of you makes eyes sore.
But my being around you, makes me proud.

The way you move must be against the law.
Like the old song “Poetry in Motion”.
And soon bound to be on the run, for sure,
for causing an excitement explosion.

The way you dance surely against the law.
Fast or slow, in action you’re exquisite.
It’s arson, though, burning up the dancefloor.
And that must be illegal; or is it?

If you get brought before judge and jury,
be found guilty of outstanding beauty.


Oh my love, we are all so lightly here.
Be not afraid. Hold at bay, any fear.
In an act of ‘love’ we were made, that’s clear.
If lucky, will know love as disappear.

Love in life helps us to what we become.
If fortunate, will find it with someone.
Until realise, for sure, it’s begun,
be waiting for the miracle to come.

There ain’t no cure for ‘love’. There ain’t no cure.
Like a drug of dependency, that’s pure.
Mutual symbiosis, the allure.
It’s to have enjoyment in, not endure.

Do you partake? You should, you know. Do ya?
If you get it right, well, hallelujah!


The words of the holocaust survivor,
attributed to her murdered mother.
Who, before she died, sat down beside her,
and communicated one to other.

What was said very much in the present,
as, in the future, would be beyond reach.
A last moment pure. More than just pleasant.
So wanting of it, prepared to beseech.

For a loving embrace, in the death camp,
with her child, who would dance for Mengele;
Live, and turn the flicker to a bright lamp.
Mother’s love, to full line of family.

From her words, Nazis could not disallow.
“I live today, can only touch you now.”


Now, that is a risky proposition.
In an authoritarian-run state,
actively involved in opposition.
Could be a major factor in one’s fate.

There are other risky predicaments.
In war-time, when there are bombs and battles.
May bathe in glorious magnificence
or meet an explosion, all sense, rattles.

Much more mundane things are precarious.
Smoking, drinking, drugs; even getting old.
Ways that can be damaged are various,
but, at best, will continue to be bold.

And now and then, be in a position
to love, … although risky proposition.