Gather you up and carry you along.
I am capable of that, as you know.
In these moments, in my arms you belong.
And I can take us where we choose to go.

It’s my holding you that is important.
As important as a tender embrace.
Neither of us need to suffer torment.
Can, if want, brush against, or kiss, one’s face.

Yet, will not hold for longer than you wish.
Set you down in your own place in the Sun.
When later, ask for lift, I won’t resist.
We’ll go back together, as if we’re one.

Gather you up; you only need say when.
For me, will be with treasure, not burden.


Transcendence, perhaps, but first there’s within.
Physical experience to be lived.
If there is more, this is where it begins.
In this basement, the future may perceive.

Entangled in the roots of the beanstalk.
Yet the possibility to ascend.
Some greater glory in which can exalt.
Of oneself, but not solely as intend.

May think of it as the soaring spirit.
Or as creativity, uniquely.
Fruit of a mind less constrained, exhibit.
Of own imagination, completely.

Maybe some meaning come to understand,
And, by which, raise oneself hand over hand.


Black, White and Yellow. All bestride the world.
We’re one ‘tribe’, really. One humanity.
A single race apart; that myth dispelled.
Know intolerance is insanity.

There may well be distinct contributions.
People act in their own circumstances.
Are proud, as they harbour their illusions.
Get fooled, as the gist of hate entrances.

But it is together we raise our game.
Inexhaustible source for achievement.
Can share the benefits from what’s attained,
although greed and force demeans the extent.

Tribe, though, excludes too many by its thought.
An all colour, free world is best what’s taught.


The hope of mankind, surely cannot be
relying on something good turning up.
That, left to such chance, human destiny.
That fate be solely a matter of luck.

The hope of mankind is men and women
making a difference whilst they are living.
Start from where they are, but a beginning.
Mistakes that are made, quickly forgiving.

Little by little can shape happenings.
In the personal sphere have influence.
Not let false prophets get away with things.
Boost learning, at expense of ignorance.

To challenge and improve, we’re so designed.
Courage to do so, the hope of mankind.