Idlib. Idlib. Everlasting Idlib.
The latest Syrian war casualty.
Rebels, nay, terrorists, that can’t forgive.
The whole city now faces tragedy.

Its occupation by foreign fighters.
Militants who escaped from Aleppo.
Kurds, and their American advisers.
All together against the common foe.

Except, it is far more complex than that.
State regime, and the Russians. That’s a fact.
But the Turks, too, prepared to bomb it flat.
And, who’s to blame for the chlorine attack?

Ever-loving Idlib, in such trouble.
Sad, your turn to be reduced to rubble.


For many it’s not understandable,
the drive, and impetus, to go to war.
Those lives, in the way, thought expendable.
Violence involved should really abhor.

But the shallow-brain promoters, instead,
are contemptuous of peace. Think it’s weak.
On diet of glorious war are fed;
and its popular rallying-cry, speak.

Public support aroused for the nation.
And deaths will be of other parents’ sons.
Utilised, weapons of conflagration,
to inflict most deaths on the other ones.

Those who want these military displays
are puffed-up, vainglorious popinjays.


Yet another place which can be called “hell”.
Eastern Ghouta, the latest charnel zone.
Not place after death. It’s real in this world.
Bombs raining down on hospital and home.

Just outside Damascus, hostiles encamped.
They will not be left there to launch attacks.
But, for this onslaught, regime can’t be thanked.
Civilians, children, killed, amongst the facts.

Restraint no longer restrains in these wars.
It’s thought overwhelming force, for the best.
However much the outside world deplores,
does nothing, really, to stop the distress.

So, ruin for what’s called “liberation”.
Rotting corpses with the devastation.


It’s an awful betrayal, isn’t it?
Allies left in harm’s way, unprotected.
Most powerful not put a halt to it.
Even nothing by way of invective.

The Kurds, the YPG, the Peshmerga,
in Syria, the city of Afrin.
All over, been Islamic State’s scourger.
Turks, then, allowed to cruelly invade them.

After Iraq, West avoided ground troops.
Munitions pumped-in, but Kurds relied on
to dislodge I.S. forces from their nooks.
The dirty work to ensure they were gone.

And, after doing so, this how repaid.
By vacuous Western leaders betrayed.


What a complex war it has come to be,
comprising all sorts of forces malign.
Striking out at the current enemy,
with killing intended every time.

There are an array of allied armies.
Christian, Jew, Secular, sets of Moslems.
Government, rebels, foreign entities.
Each enacting atrocities gruesome.

And propaganda lies to justify;
to say how virtuous their own side is,
and how heinous the other, whom decry.
Truth so distorted, nothing can believe.

Except, an evil, unpitying war.
Continuing further now, as before.


The Bride was blown away, it was explained.
The bombs were dropped on the wedding party.
On this target, the explosives were trained.
Warfare from afar at its most nasty.

As many as fifty may have been killed.
Those there, will have included families.
Willed by the rich neighbour that blood be spilled.
Marriage union guests, their enemies.

And, many children, dressed in their finest,
blown up, blown apart, to contorted shape.
Victims of a devilish crime, no less.
Divorced from all that’s decent, to this fate.

Remember the Bride. This was the Bride’s day.
By force, we supplied, she got blown away.


Hodeidah. It has an odd resonance,
the sound. Quite close, I think, to day-do-dah.
Add another ‘day’, and, in this instance,
Camptown Races minstrel song, not that far.

Hodeidah. Brings to mind, too, the old song
Zipedeedodah. Or, in deep south drawl
“how do dhere?”, as pronounce the spelling wrong.
But these are sillinesses, I recall,

because Hodeidah a port in Yemen,
where aid, to that stricken country, arrives.
Without it, consequence, widespread famine,
with deaths, suffering and desperate cries.

Now it’s attacked. Brutal rulers don’t care.
Are we human? Do we hear? ‘Who’s out there?’


An awful expression of violence.
Murderous carnage, reviewing the facts.
The savage consequences were immense.
Killing to the end, with no going back.

Only at the end was there withdrawal,
and that was hugely dishonourable.
Slaughter after slaughter, deplorable.
Repeated lies told, intolerable.

The invasion; foreign occupation.
Offensives, in their onslaughts, offensive.
Destroying enemies, expectation.
But civilians, too, their deaths extensive.

The troops of Uncle Ho and Uncle Sam
brought about all those deaths in Vietnam.


There, in the Yemen, the school bus was bombed.
The children on board eviscerated.
A monstrous Saudi warplane came along
and, this, its target, obliterated.

No apology. No remorse stated.
“Enemies were in the vicinity”,
excuse, for those young lives devastated.
Not caring, it’s as if meant this to be.

Collateral damage; no consequence.
Don’t even rebuke the perpetrators.
Britain, collaborator, in essence.
In coalition, part-instigators.

Weapons, help targeting; not minimal.
British ministers are war criminals.


Murder at the Consulate. It was meant.
For the arrivee, a hit squad gathered.
Forensics guy for the dismemberment.
Bone saw brought, so body could be severed.

It was a murder premeditated.
Punishment torture took place beforehand.
Way beyond being interrogated.
There to kill, the fifteen strong gruesome gang.

And they flew in on official ‘duty’.
Told the Consul, “shut up or face the same”.
Use of diplomatic immunity
for cover, so no one would take the blame.

But not for ‘a grave crime’, have found out since.
And done for the psychopathic Crown Prince.


All the blood and piss and shit on the field.
On the battlefield of broken bodies’
Limbs severed, bones crushed, blood that ran congealed’
Only those maimed to tell horror stories.

Gruesome telling’s of a murderous war.
Motivated by the right to empire.
Dressed as ‘country’ for the conquering tour.
To have and hold, warrior exemplar.

And enemies defined as ‘not human’.
Inferior and backward. Retrograde.
Vicious, wicked and evil, assuming.
To be defeated at this crucial stage.

And so the World War blew bodies to bits.
Millions in the blood and piss and shit.


Murderous, amoral, duplicitous,
the British Government’s role in Yemen.
Partner in crime, in war iniquitous.
It including blockade causing famine.

Keeps covert role, but actively involved
in worst humanitarian crisis
in the world currently. Keep unresolved.
This makes Britain as evil as ISIS.

Supplier of death and refuse to stop.
No criticism of the invaders.
But those who live there, instead, blame a lot.
At the U.N., we’re with the war makers,

whilst pretending we would like a ceasefire.
Must not affect us, though, as supplier.


A death every eleven seconds
in United States opioid crisis.
Enough there to kill all, expert reckons,
and yet, the drug industries still persist.

The illegal trade for money-making.
Supplies produced, packaged and transported.
Street, and in Clubs, sold. Deemed recreation.
So common, not worth being reported.

And then there’s the prescription craziness.
Can become addicted by these means, too.
Then, help to get off absent, more or less.
Big Pharm see big profits, this way, come through.

Countries kill people by war, poverty.
China, smoking. U.S., drugs endlessly.